Integrate Autodesk Tandem Using FME

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Integrate Tandem with Hundreds of Digital Data Sources

Boost Tandem’s data connectivity by using FME to read from and write to hundreds of data sources. Convert and integrate business data from CSV, Excel, IoT, and other formats to enrich your Tandem model.

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Update Tandem from Excel and Use BI Dashboards in Real Time

Modify building information in Excel and see your Tandem digital twin reflect the changes in real time. Update Power BI dashboards within Tandem using REST API’s and Webhooks.

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Use FME Server to Automate Complex Data Flows

Use FME Server Automations to monitor and update Tandem from IoT sensors and other systems. FME Server can easily enable complex automated data flows with Tandem.

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Quickly and easily use FME to update your Tandem digital twin from Excel

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About Autodesk Tandem

Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin technology platform that enables the transformation of data into business intelligence.

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