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Configure MapInfo workflows quickly in FME Form which features intuitive workflow authoring in a no-code, graphical interface. For greater efficiencies, save and reuse workspaces, easily adjusting transformation components to suit changing needs.

Integrate Beyond the Universal Translator

Powered by FME technology, the Universal Translator in Mapinfo Professional gives you access to 15 non-native formats. Add a full FME license and gain the use of over 450 formats as well as FME’s advanced data transformation tools that allow you to manipulate data’s content and structure for more precise translation.
Enhance Data Transformation with MapInfo

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Solve MapInfo (TAB) Interoperability Problems with FME

Transform MapInfo TAB data for use in other applications using FME's GIS conversion capabilities. Execute translations while maintaining the integrity of the original data to formats like KML, Shapefile, CSV, CAD, and more. FME also broadens the possibilities of what can be achieved with a MapInfo GIS by boosting its number of natively supported formats from 14 to over 450. Integrate external information into its environment from applications like Esri ArcGIS, Google Maps, Excel, AutoCAD, and many more.

Converting MapInfo to SHP

About MapInfo

MapInfo Professional is a leading desktop GIS and mapping application used to visualize relationships between data and geography and derive new information.

Common Conversions

FME lets you integrate many applications and file formats. Here are some of the ways our users convert MapInfo.


The table below outlines how MapInfo is supported by our different FME products, and on which platform(s) the reader and/or writer runs.

Product OS
FME Form FME Flow FME Flow Hosted Windows 64-bit Linux (Intel) macOS (Intel)
Reader All Editions checkmark x checkmark x x
Writer All Editions checkmark x checkmark x x

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