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FME data conversion and integration technology enables users to connect their Kinetica database with practically any data or application. FME supports reading and writing between Kinetica and 350+ other formats and applications, including geospatial data for real-time location-based analytics.

FME’s intuitive graphical user interface enables users to easily create data migration workflows without writing any code. Beyond simple translation, FME has a library of transformation tools that can manipulate data to fit any destination model. Move data from any source into Kinetica including JSON, XML, other databases and spatial formats like GeoJSON, KML, OGC WKT (well known text), and take advantage of Kinetica’s speedy GPU-accelerated processing. Conversely, use data from Kinetica in practically any other application.

FME also provides customizable tools that allow you to connect to web services that have an API. Combined with capabilities for reading and writing JSON, FME enables you to integrate Kinetica with any cloud-based application and collect its data.

Keep Kinetica up-to-date with constantly evolving data such as that collected by web applications. By deploying FME technology through FME Server, you can automate Kinetica data migration workflows to run at scheduled intervals or in response to real-time events using business rules.


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