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Airports, campuses, and other venues are enabling indoor navigation via mobile devices. To make this possible in iOS apps like Apple Maps, floor plans must be converted to IMDF. Use FME to integrate floor plans and ancillary data from formats like ArcGIS Indoors, HERE, IBM TRIRIGA, and more, and validate against IMDF specifications to ensure data meets standards.

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Venues are constantly changing, and indoor maps need to stay up to date. Run FME's repeatable workflows whenever source data changes, keeping your indoor maps current in the mobile application. Use FME Server to run workflows on a schedule or in response to a trigger, and configure alerts to notify you when your IMDF fails validation.

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Convert IMDF for Other Applications

Convert IMDF to another indoor mapping format for further editing, like ArcGIS Indoors (see also: ArcGIS Indoors to IMDF tutorial), or to another system for visualization and analysis, like KML.

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YVR indoor map converted to Esri ArcGIS Indoors


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About Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF)

IMDF is an indoor mapping data standard supported by applications like Apple Maps. Use of this format helps businesses enable wayfinding inside their venues.


The table below outlines how Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) is supported by our different FME products, and on which platform(s) the reader and/or writer runs.

Product OS
FME Form FME Flow FME Flow Hosted Windows 64-bit Linux Mac
Reader Professional Edition & Up checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Writer Professional Edition & Up checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark

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