Integrate Esri Indexed 3D Scene Layer (I3S) Using FME

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Esri Indexed 3D Scene Layer Format: More Data, Less Problems

Esri’s I3S format is perfect for streaming large, heterogeneous 3D data across internet platforms. Create FME workflows to bring your 3D objects and meshes together as a scene layer package (SLPK). This format is easy to handle and is ready to use in the cloud, on the web, or on your mobile device.

Transform Your Data

With FME you can convert and transform over 400 file formats including Esri’s I3S. This file format is compatible with ArcGIS Pro and was designed with high performance and scalability in mind. The .slpk format is an open specification meaning you can further customize how to use your data after creating your new file in FME. With a variety of transformer at your fingertips, you will soon have a magnificent new model all in one file.

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Workbench Transformers
Workbench Transformers

Automate Esri I3S Conversions

FME is designed to help you spend more time using your data, and less time fighting with it. Automate your conversion workflows to create Esri’s indexed 3D scene layer files for your 3D projects. With FME Server you will be able to assign a schedule or trigger for when you want your workflow to run so that your data is always there when you need it.

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FME for ArcGIS

Together Safe Software and Esri have created the Data Interoperability extension for ArcGIS so that your integration and conversion tasks can be done directly alongside your GIS projects. Connect directly to ArcMap, ArcCatalog or ArcScene to access your data, no matter the format, and integrate your data within the ModelBuilder using FME’s tools. To gain full access to all of FME’s abilities, give FME Form a try!
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The table below outlines how Esri Indexed 3D Scene Layer (I3S) is supported by our different FME products, and on which platform(s) the reader and/or writer runs.

Product OS
FME Form FME Flow FME Flow Hosted Windows 64-bit Linux Mac
Reader x x x x x x
Writer Professional Edition & Up checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark

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