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Cityworks is a great GIS and assets integrator used by local governments and utility companies. With FME you can migrate your Cityworks asset and location data into other systems for further analysis. Transform your data along the way using drag-and-drop transformer to ensure your data is fit for your needs.

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FME can help you connect your data to various systems whether they’re databases, a GIS, or BI. Use Cityworks transformers that were made using the Cityworks Rest API to bring your public assets data from Cityworks into FME for further transformation and customization. Merge this information with data from other systems or write it into the supported format of your choice.

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Why spend time and energy doing mundane, repetitive tasks when you can have FME Server do it for you? After you’ve created your workspace in FME Form, automate your data transfer, conversion, or integration with FME Server. Run the workspace on a schedule or based on a triggering event to create or update work orders, service tickets, or anything else of the like.

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Not sure where to start? No Worries! Download our Cityworks Workflow for FME Form example to see how Cityworks custom transformers work together. If you’re more interested in FME Server, download the Cityworks Project. This example demonstrates how you can write a web report that summarizes your data. If that’s not quite what you’re looking for, check out the Knowledge Center and see what other FME-ers have to say or talk with our experts directly via live chat!

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