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Seamlessly Upload Geospatial Data to Cesium ion

Cesium ion is an online platform for tiling, optimizing, and hosting 3D data. Built on a modern cloud architecture, the application can efficiently stream large datasets into web applications like CesiumJS that can be shared with others across any device. With FME you can transform and transfer data from 400+ formats to Cesium ion instantly!

Create Dynamic Environments From Diverse Datasets

The CesiumIonConnector in FME makes it extremely easy to bring almost any data to life in Cesium ion. Just add your data to FME Form, do your manipulations, and connect your results to the custom CesiumIonConnector. After running your workflow, you will be given a URL that will bring you directly to the CesiumJS web application displaying your ion creation! It’s that easy!
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King County in Cesium
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Automate Cesium ion Asset Production

If you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of datasets, not to worry! After creating your custom workflow, set up FME Server to automate the conversion of your datasets by setting up a schedule or trigger event. With each run, you will have generated new CesiumJS visualizations of your ion assets that you can analyze and share via a new link.
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Learn Your ABCesium

We get it. Using new technology can sometimes have a steep learning curve. Our experts here at Safe Software have your back. With webinars and tutorials available, we’ll make sure you fully understand how FME and Cesium ion’s 3D tiling pipeline can be used collectively. If you can’t find what you need, talk with us over Live Chat, and we’ll help you with your obstacles directly.
Tutorial: Uploading Assets to Cesium ion

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