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Make Sharing Your ProjectWise Data Even Easier

The ProjectWise program is perfect for helping teams manage and distribute project information. With FME you will be able to load data directly from ProjectWise via the ProjectWiseConnector transformer, convert and manipulate it in FME, and put it back into your team’s ProjectWise folders for others to use. FME supports 400+ formats making your data options limitless.

Automate Your Data Conversions

No one has the time to manually go through thousands of datasets and convert them into new formats one by one. Good thing there’s FME Server! Set up your workflows once, then sit back, relax, and let FME do the repetitive work while you and your team move forward with other tasks.

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Recreate Your Data

No codes, no scripts? No problem! FME’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to manipulate and transform your data. With a variety of transformers for you to use, you will be able to customize your datasets for ProjectWise exactly the way you want them.
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More Data, Less Problems

FME can handle a variety of formats and convert between them to make sure that you always have what you need. Use FME to organize and restructure your data for use in ProjectWise in a simplified way, no matter how much data you have. FME’s ability to handle a variety of data formats makes it the go-to software for many companies like ARUP, SWECO and Vertex3.
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