Call for Presentations

Have you done something cool with FME? Share your story at the Peak of Data Integration.

Share Your Story

Calling all FME Users! We want to celebrate your success by sharing your best FME stories, tips, tricks, and ideas on the global stage this year in Bonn, Germany. Submit an abstract showcasing how you use FME, for a chance to present at The Peak of Data Integration 2023. We are always amazed to learn of the ways FME is being leveraged around the world.

An event wouldn’t be complete without hearing the challenges and triumphs of real-life FME users like you. Whether you’re a seasoned expert with an epic tale to tell, or have a simple tip to share with new users, there’s a place for you at the Peak of Data Integration.

Call for Presentations is officially closed for the Peak of Data Integration 2023. Stay tuned for more speaking opportunities at future Safe Software events.

Topic Areas

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Have you empowered your organization to make better business decisions through the use of data analytics and business intelligence? Share how you used FME to create a system that provides decision makers at all levels with the information and intelligence they need to drive forward with confidence.

Data Governance / Data Quality

Have you built a trustworthy enterprise data model, enabled cross-departmental regulatory compliance, or generally improved the quality of your data with FME? Share your successes in this talk track dedicated to all things data governance including, data architecture, metadata, data quality, data security and more.

Emerging Technologies

It’s one thing to explore an emerging technology, and it’s an entirely different thing to deploy it in everyday operations. Share how you made the previously impossible possible by using FME to operationalize emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), IoT, AI/ML, Digital Twins, and any other new technologies you’re excited to display.

Empowering the Enterprise

Are you using FME to enable individual applications to work cohesively with one another? Share your story on how you used FME to achieve application integration and make your business more operational. What advice can you give others who want to get started?

Scaling FME Ops

Do you have hundreds of interconnected FME workspaces running complex calculations for all sorts of projects and stakeholders? Would you consider your implementation complex? If your answer is yes, then this talk track is for you. Share your challenges, successes, failures, and what you’ve learned and help others scale their FME operations.

GIS & Location Intelligence

Have you used FME and GIS to analyze, compare, predict and augment spatial data in support of a location intelligence program? Share how you built the program, the insights you’ve provided, and the impact you’ve contributed to with fellow FME users.

Local Government (Special Interest Group)

Is your city or town harnessing the power of FME to drive change in your municipality? Share your success to inspire other users in their own Local Government sectors.

Transportation (Special Interest Group)

FME’s contribution to the movement of humans, animals and goods by various modes of transportation all over the world are some of our favourite user stories. Do you have an industry anecdote to share with like-minded individuals during a Special Interest Group in Bonn?

Utilities (Special Interest Group)

Do you have a story highlighting how you or your company used FME to combat challenges or drive solutions having to do with electricity, gas, water, or sewer systems? Tell us about it for an opportunity to present at a Utilities focused Special Interest Group next September.


Not sure how to categorize your abstract? That’s okay! Some of the best FME solutions are often hard to predict! Share your experience and inspire others to help break through their own barriers.