Historically, flooding has accounted for large impacts on human settlements across Europe. The Flood Warning Assistant uses FME to demonstrate how INSPIRE data can be used to inform and educate.

The app displays current and past flood extents and assesses their potential impacts on roads and infrastructure. The data is sourced from:

  • INSPIRE themes
  • National datasets and event-based warning services from the UK environmental Agency REST service
  • The National Land Survey of Finland (WFS3) historical flood database
  • UK Ordnance Survey OpenData products (OS Mastermap GML) infrastructure information

How It Works

  1. Select if you would like your report to be about flooding or impact.
  2. Define your buffer area and click the map to choose your area of interest.
  3. Select your reporting parameters
  4. Click "Request Data" and see your results appear on the map!

Build This Demo Yourself

Turn this FME demo into reality at your organization. Follow the steps in our tutorial and use the files in GitHub.

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