When a user downloads a public spatial dataset, usually what they’ll get is a file with information spanning a large region. This means they’re downloading more data than they’re looking for, and they have to put in the extra work to cut out the select data they need. 

By using a data distribution map for retrieving data, a user can download datasets for their selected area of interest. This can save users the tedious tasks of cleaning, transforming, and converting their data which will allow them to jump directly into the analysis phase. 

How It Works

Draw a polygon in the Vancouver area below to select an area of interest. Choose which layers of data you’d like to download, and select the coordinate system you want your data to be in. Choose the format you want your file to be stored in, and then request your data!


Build This Demo Yourself

Turn this FME demo into reality at your organization. Follow the steps in our tutorial and use the files in GitHub.

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