A live online map that displays the location of things like transportation vehicles or parcels being shipped can help customers, researchers, or the public answer their questions of “where”.

Use your own live spatial data or make use of a data streaming service and present tracked objects on a base map. Choose from providers like Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS Online, or Google Earth to create your own custom location tracking map.

With FME, you can create your own unique workflows that optimize your spatial data for your purposes and automatically apply changes to your web map.

How It Works

The location tracking map below features airplanes, ship vessels, and buses in the San Francisco area. The data comes from a public streaming feed in AIS format.

Navigate through the map and click on the various pins to see what street, water, and air traffic is looking like right now!


Build This Demo Yourself

Turn this FME demo into reality at your organization. Follow the steps in our tutorial and use the files in GitHub.

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