A location description in the form of an address can be useful, but seeing where a location is relative to other streets, buildings, and landmarks can help you interpret that location even better. With an online geocoder, users can submit a file with descriptive location information and immediately see their locations generated on an online map.

Using FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, you can create online tools, like a geocoder, that automatically transform and convert location information to be viewed on a map. Take things one step further and add data distribution abilities to your page so users can download their data in vector form.

How It Works

This geocoding web service accepts CSV files containing address information. Your file must contain columns corresponding to an address, city, state or province, postal or zip code, and country.

Download the sample data file or upload your own CSV and see what happens!


Build This Demo Yourself

Turn this FME demo into reality at your organization. Follow the steps in our tutorial and use the files in GitHub.

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