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Transform Your Revit Models to AutoCAD Drawings

Convert large Revit datasets to AutoCAD drawings efficiently while maintaining data integrity. Select and extract only the building information you need for conversion and customize your DWG outputs with a set of pre-built transformers so that you can get the most out of your data.

FME exporter plugin in Revit

Once installed, the FME Exporter plugin can be found in the Add-ins tab on the ribbon in Autodesk Revit.

FME exporter setup

The FME Exporter gives you control over what to export, including an option to export user defined property sets.

Extract Only the Data That You Need

Using FME, the Revit reader lets you select just the views you want to work with, making working with large Revit datasets much more manageable. In this way, you can quickly and easily create a 2D floor plan in DWG with only the data that you want.

Select feature types dialogue in FME

In FME Workbench, select the data views that you want to read into your workspace in your Revit Reader.

layers in AutoCAD

Write out your DWG file and control the style of your layers. Here is what it looks like in AutoCAD.

Customize Your DWG Model

With FME, save time on manually formatting your CAD drawing by reading in template files, or customizing layers in the DWG writer. Some useful transformers might include the:

  • AttributeManager: Filter out the property sets to write out only what you want. For example, you might only want the dimensions of your BIM model.

  • DWGStyler: Create blocks and access block libraries and line styles through the use of templates.

  • TestFilter: Use this transformer to colour rooms differently based on their function (ie. office space, kitchen, bathrooms), or track the progress of what building parts have been constructed according to a schedule.

Revit to DWG FME workspace

An example workspace of how you might convert Revit to DWG.

DWG result

The result in AutoCAD of a Revit to DWG conversion using a template file to specify layer styles.


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