What We’re Looking For

Stories about how you used FME.

Did FME help you do something amazing, like integrate a bunch of data or automate your everyday workflows? We want to share it!

Thought leadership pieces.

Do you have industry expertise to share? Insight, trends, or tips about geospatial data or something else?

Submission Requirements

Please send the following to editor@safe.com.
Submissions that don’t include these four things will not be considered!

  1. One sentence about why this blog topic is important.
  2. A one-paragraph summary of what your blog will cover.
  3. Your relevant qualifications.
  4. A related resource from safe.com/blog or community.safe.com.

Tips For Being Accepted

Submit Your Idea

Avoid jargon and complex phrasing.
Data integration is complex enough – let’s keep our blogs simple!

Give context in your summary
Why should people care about this topic? What will they gain from reading it?

The purpose of the blog should be to share ideas, tips, and inspiration.
Avoid trying to “sell” yourself or your product.


Did you know: We also accept presentation submissions for the FME UC and the annual FME World Tour! Check those pages and subscribe to receive email notifications when submissions are open.