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Tiana Warner
January 20, 2015 • 7 min

Google has announced that they’re ending support for Google Maps Engine. If you’ve used Google Maps Engine to store your vector and raster data, you should be aware that your G...

Mark Ireland
February 5, 2014 • 15 min

By now you'll have (I hope) upgraded to 2014 and taken advantage of some of the new features and functionality. From my point of view updates can classified in one of three areas a...

Don Murray
December 9, 2013 • 2 min

An announcement at the AWS:Invent 2013 conference that got me excited was the new support for PostgreSQL on Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS). I c...

Mark Ireland
June 11, 2013 • 15 min

FME 2013-SP2: Excelsior!: By Mark Ireland Hi FME’ers, FME 2013-SP2 has been released! It should be about build 13499 meaning there have been 50 builds since SP1 was released;...

Mark Ireland
September 2, 2010 • 11 min

With the FOSS4G “conference” (for Open Source Geospatial Software) about to start in Barcelona, Spain, it seemed a good time to open my FME2011 coverage with an item about what...
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