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Mark Ireland
July 5, 2016 • 7 min

This is a short post about entries to the Game of Life challenge. If you recall, Conway’s Game of Life is a raster grid where each cell either lives or dies according to a set...

Mark Ireland
February 17, 2013 • 14 min

Ideas for FME Server By Mark Ireland Hello FME’ers, As I promised – in my State of the Server address – here’s an article on ideas for FME Server. When I wa...

Mark Ireland
December 22, 2011 • 9 min

If you've installed FME2012, or listen in to the @FMEEvangelist on Twitter, you'll be aware that some transformers in 2012 have a new option: one to run the transformation as multi...

Mark Ireland
April 5, 2010 • 9 min

This post demonstrates the use case of creating a dataset suitable for visualisation of density (or clustering) information. It's a good example of how just a few transformers can ...

Mark Ireland
March 31, 2010 • 11 min

This post marks the last of the 2010 product specials, and describes some of the more useful updates we’ve made to existing FME transformers for the FME2010 release.

Mark Ireland
June 22, 2009 • 9 min

Contents: Extending FME Programmatically, Powering a Google Earth Project Dashboard with FME, Using FME to Drive a Location Based Notification Service. This FME Evangelist re...
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