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Mark Ireland
February 5, 2014 • 15 min

By now you'll have (I hope) upgraded to 2014 and taken advantage of some of the new features and functionality. From my point of view updates can classified in one of three areas a...

Mark Ireland
September 8, 2011 • 14 min

As I get close to 100 posts on this blog, one thing I've noticed is that I don't cover as many CAD topics as you might expect. I'm not sure why; FME works well with CAD formats, we...

Mark Ireland
January 12, 2010 • 11 min

Here's a reminder for you to pop out and buy a card to congratulate Don and Dale on the arrival of their new offspring: FME2010. As always, the parents are very proud - though slig...

Mark Ireland
July 17, 2009 • 13 min

This post investigates a new piece of functionality for Custom Published Parameters: Choice with Alias. We look at what this new parameter type does, how to create one, and typical...

Mark Ireland
June 2, 2008 • 6 min

Introduction Today’s email is an ad-hoc info session on the FME2009 beta. Expect more follow ups in the near future. Cheers, Mark Contents 1) First FME2009 Beta now Released!...

Mark Ireland
May 26, 2008 • 8 min

Introduction This “week’s” issue has important news for Linux, DGN and SQL Server users, plus a number of examples created using FME2008. Also – this email ...
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