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Mark Ireland
February 5, 2014 • 15 min

By now you'll have (I hope) upgraded to 2014 and taken advantage of some of the new features and functionality. From my point of view updates can classified in one of three areas a...

Tiana Warner
January 28, 2014 • 4 min

The top two spatial data formats people are translating are Esri Shape and Bentley MicroStation Design, according to FME usage statistics from 2013. Autodesk AutoCAD DWG/DXF isn’...

Kris Majury
October 3, 2013 • 5 min

FME's Custom Transformers and looping are used to generate what-if scenarios and design tree planting plans for the preservation of the Skogskyrkogården cemetery in Stockholm, a U...

Mark Ireland
September 8, 2011 • 14 min

As I get close to 100 posts on this blog, one thing I've noticed is that I don't cover as many CAD topics as you might expect. I'm not sure why; FME works well with CAD formats, we...

Mark Ireland
May 5, 2008 • 10 min

Contents FME 2008 Release Updates AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data Reading Examples Shape Datasets and the Age of Innocence Google Spreadsheets Reader/Writer Creating a Shape Index with ...

Mark Ireland
December 14, 2007 • 6 min

1) @Tcl2 Temporary Filenames This is a new ability (build 5147+) with our @Tcl2 function to generate temporary file names within a TCL script. The syntax is FME_TempFilename [] [] ...
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