FME Cloud is Updated!

The drop you have all been waiting for! Today, we are launching a new version of FME Cloud. This platform has been redesigned with your needs in mind. We have also included new FME Cloud features that will help you master data integration on cloud effectively and quickly.

Redesigned For You: FME Cloud Updates Launch

FME Cloud is the hosted deployment option for FME Server. Instead of spending time acquiring, configuring, and securing infrastructure to run your FME Server, you can provision an FME Server into our cloud environment in minutes.

FME Cloud launched over seven years ago. Since then, hundreds of customers have launched over 3,500 FME Server instances. As more and more customers have adopted FME Cloud to run FME Server, we wanted to improve the user experience. We also wanted to align FME Cloud with the rest of the platform.

With this release, we have completely redesigned and rearchitected the FME Cloud web interface. This not only makes it easier than ever for you to launch and manage your FME Server, it also improves the stability, speed and security of the application. This is the best interface yet, we promise! 


Data Integration 2.0: How Do FME Cloud Updates Benefit You and Your Business? 

1. Improve Operational Performance

Set up alerts easily based on conditions that may impact the uptime and performance of your FME Server directly in FME Cloud. This makes it easy for your IT teams to optimize performance and deliver a high level of uptime. This takes data integration to the next level. 

2. Keep Your Data Secure 

Run the most secure deployment of FME Server without lifting a finger. FME Cloud’s architecture is built using Amazon Web Services. AWS uses high-grade encryption and supports all major compliance standards.

3. Scale to Your Needs

When you’re dealing with data, your processing needs will inevitably change from time to time. This will depend on your projects and data integration needs. Easily upgrade your instance size and add more cores and RAM as needed. With more power, you’ll be able to complete your data integration tasks faster.

4. Manage Costs Effectively

With FME Cloud, you’re in control of your costs. Pay by the hour with rates dependent on your instance size. Upgrade or downgrade your requirements so you’re only ever paying for what you need. Or, save even more with an annual subscription.


FME Cloud: What Difference Does the New Interface Make?

When you login, you’ll notice the application looks completely different. While every page has been redesigned, here are specific and new FME Cloud features about the interface I would like to mention:

1. Single-Page Instance Creation

The FME Server instance launch page is now a single page rather than a wizard. This makes it easier than ever to configure and launch a new instance. You can also create and assign a Static IP on launch with FME Cloud 2021.2.

This is what the SIngle-Page Instance Creation page looks on-screen! This is one of many FME cloud features that will help people master data management on cloud.

An overview of Single-Page Instance Creation – a new FME cloud feature!

2. Instance Overview Page

The instance overview is at the heart of the FME Cloud application. This allows you to manage your FME Server once it is running. Here are a couple of things that are new:

3. Rich Instance Monitoring

For every instance, a series of metrics are provided. Alerts can be set against instances to ensure any issues are identified immediately. What’s new here?

4. New Centralized Dashboard

The brand new dashboard provides a consolidated view of account activity and gives insights into instance activity. Here are new features that we added to the dashboard:


Get Started with FME Cloud for Free! 

You can get started with FME Cloud for free by signing up here. If you are trying to decide between hosting FME Server yourself and using FME Cloud, this article might help you decide. We are excited for you to try our new and improved interface and platform. We hope our latest updates help you move to the next step of your data integration journey!

You can also check out what FME 2021.0 has in store.

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