A lot has happened around Safe since the summer: the FMEUC 2020 and FMEWT 2020 call for presentations opened, Craig jumped off a building, we’ve hosted a few great webinars and online training courses, and today we’ve launched FME 2019.2. Read on for an overview of what’s new in this last ‘dot’ release before FME 2020.

Authoring: FME Workbench updates

When authoring FME Workspaces, you can connect to more systems with these new reader/writers and connectors, plus perform a few more raster operations with three new transformers.

New raster transformers

These new transformers will help you analyze imagery like satellite data and DICOM medical scans:

New and updated format reader/writers

New connectors

Connect to cloud services using these packages from FME Hub:

Performance gains

Performance enhancements are part of every release. Notably for this release, the Bufferer can now buffer arcs, which offers significant speed improvements.

Automating: FME Server updates

New options and admin features give you more control over automating your FME workflows.

Schedule recurrence intervals

Set a custom recurrence interval on FME Server Schedules by choosing the new “Basic” schedule type.

Security and administration

In order to improve overall security, we’ve given administrators more control over access and permissions.

Automations updates

A few helpful updates to the FME Server Automations workflow.


The /metrics endpoint now returns information regarding jobs per FME Server Queue. This can be helpful for controlling capacity, for example if you want to configure a deployment to scale automatically in response to how many jobs are in the queue.

FME Mobile

Updates to FME AR and FME Data Express are released every few weeks, but here’s an overview of what’s new since FME 2019.1:


FME Data Express


In case you missed it, we also introduced a centralized login experience across FME Cloud, FME Community, and FME Hub. Read about it here. As always, keep on suggesting ideas for future FME releases and voting for your favorites on Ideas Exchange. We’ll also be emailing out the annual FME User Survey next week, so be sure to give us your feedback there. We use your input to shape future FME releases.


Download FME 2019.2

Tiana Warner

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