Safe Account centralizes your login experience for all Safe Software’s services. This means that you will now only need one profile to access FME Cloud, FME Community, and FME Hub. In addition, you can see and manage your info, activity, and security options in one place.

If you have logged into the FME Community or FME Hub before, then you already have a Safe Account and you can now enjoy the improved management experience. If you have an FME Cloud account you need to migrate your account. We recently sent you an email to walk you through the migration process if you didn’t receive it you can resend it here.



Update Public information

You can update your public information: name, company name, company URL, and location. These are non-mandatory and will be used in your public FME Hub and FME Community profiles.

Update Email

You can update your email. After confirmation of the new email, all correspondence on FME Cloud, Hub and Community will go to the new email.

Update Username

You can now update your username. Your username is your public handle on FME Community and FME Hub that people will use to identify you.

Update Avatar

You can now set your avatar to be a Gravatar or upload your own image.

View Account Activity

You can view your security-related activity for the past 30 days. This includes security activity on Safe Account, FME Cloud, FME Hub, and FME Community.

Enable 2-Step Verification

You can now enable 2-step verification which adds a second layer of protection, so even if somebody manages to steal your password, it isn’t enough to get into your account. 


Security, Privacy and Compliance

The new solution leverages an authentication and authorization platform called Auth0. Auth0 is an enterprise-grade platform that provides an extensive list of security features. Auth0 maintains and meets the requirements for multiple compliance frameworks and certifications. Highlights:

Safe Account will make your experience of working with Safe’s products much more seamless. In the future, any new services that we launch will also use Safe Account.


Create your new Safe Account to access all FME services

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Stewart Harper

Stewart is the Technical Director of Cloud Applications and Infrastructure at Safe. When he isn’t building location-based tools for the web, he’s probably skiing or mountain biking.