We are excited to announce a new series of tutorials on the FME Knowledge Center with step-by-step instructions for accomplishing 38 common GIS tasks. With over 450+ transformers built into FME Desktop, it can be hard to know which transformer is the best for the task at hand. The How Do I Do That in FME series is a guide for new users and GIS professionals. In addition to assisting with common GIS tasks, this guide also brings users up to speed with FME’s terminology.

Access the “How Do I Do That in FME” Tutorials

Inspired By a Cornell Project

In 2004, a group of students at Cornell University created a guide, How Do I Do That in ArcGIS/Manifold, detailing how to complete a set of common GIS tasks using ArcGIS and Manifold tools. Their guide became increasingly popular in the GIS community and spawned many different iterations based on other GIS Packages. While FME is not a GIS, many of the operations described in these documents can be done as part of FME ETL workflows

This series attempts to recreate the GIS tasks outlined in the How do I do that in ArcGIS/Manifold guide, with a twist. Since FME is not a GIS, each exercise in this series will extract data from a source format, transform data, and load data into a destination format.



What’s in the Series

The How Do I Do That in FME series will focus on the same five categories as the Cornell guide:

  1. Database Management
  2. Database Creation
  3. Data Manipulation
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Data Display and Presentation

Throughout the series, you will read from and write to 22 different data formats. You will also gain insight into 61 transformers that will help you get started with FME.

Download the Course as a PDF

In addition to being available on the FME Knowledge Center, the How Do I Do That in FME guidebook is available for download as a single PDF containing all 38 articles. Articles can also be downloaded individually by clicking on the gear icon at the top of each article and choosing the Export to PDF option.

Download the “How Do I Do That in FME” PDF

Getting Started with FME

Are you new to FME? Check out our free learning resources:

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Christian Berger

Chris is one of the FME Desktop Technology Experts that helps users in their day to day data issues. He’s not just a GIS buff though - he also used to play on his university’s football team!

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