The FME 2017 betas are now available for you to download and play with, which means…

Mars FME Explorers Wanted!

FME 2017 Beta testers wanted

Why You Should Be An FME Beta Tester

1. Get early access to FME’s newest functionality

Be one of the elite few who gets to use new formats, transformers, and functionality before they’re officially released. Check the What’s New doc (warning: it’s pretty low-level) to see exactly what’s in the latest build. Also, if you’re waiting for a particular feature to be implemented, you can get access to it without waiting for the next official release.

2. Play an important role in making FME better

We want your feedback. Submit your ideas to us and we’ll consider them for future FME releases. Safe’s product management (including Don and Dale) look at your ideas, and many of our best features come from user suggestions.

3. Permission to break things

Safe Software hereby gives you permission to try and find bugs in our software. If you find a bug, or if anything isn’t working as it should, we highly encourage you to contact our support team and tell us what you found. Please include the build number, which is found at the bottom of FME Workbench and on the About screen.

Build info shown at the bottom of FME Workbench on Windows.

Build info shown at the bottom of FME Workbench on Windows.

When You Should NOT Be An FME Beta Tester

Please don’t use a beta build for mission-critical production streams, or if you rely on FME for something safety-related like air traffic control, or controlling a nuclear power plant, or mapping Mars landing spots. Although every FME beta build undergoes thousands of automated nightly tests, they are not as thoroughly tested as an official release.


If you’re an everyday FME’er who wants early access to the latest FME functionality, and who wants to play an important role in making FME better — Welcome aboard, FME explorer!

Download FME 2017 betas

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