In a recent online survey, Safe customers weighed in on the current and future states of BIM and GIS. These selected results reflect the answers of respondents with a GIS background.

For my thoughts on the survey results, check out The State (+ Future) of BIM and GIS Interoperability.

BIM Adoption in GIS Infographic
BIM Adoption in GIS Infographic


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Dale Lutz

Dale is the co-founder and VP of Development at Safe Software. After starting his career working spatial data (ranging from icebergs to forest stands) for many years, he and other co-founder, Don Murray, realized the need for a data integration platform like FME. His favourite TV show is Star Trek, which inspired the names for most of the meeting rooms and common areas in the Safe Software office. Dale is always looking to learn more about the data industry and FME users. Find him on Twitter to learn more about what his recent discoveries are!

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