While much of FME 2014 SP2 involves bug fixes, there are a few updates worth mentioning. I know you’re busy packing for the FME International User Conference, so below is a short version, a medium version, and a long version of what’s new.

The short version, for the modern-day attention span

Better Google Maps Engine reading/writing. Point Cloud sorting. Data Download service progress bar. Japanese character support. Now here’s a video shorter than your attention span.

The long version, for #1 FME fans

Grab your hot cocoa and snuggle up on the couch! A comprehensive list of updates and bug fixes can be found in What’s New in FME Desktop 2014 SP2 and What’s New in FME Server 2014 SP2.

The medium version, for the rest of us

Read on . . .

PointCloudSorter parameters

PointCloudSorter parameters

New transformers

Format reader/writer updates

FME 2014 SP2 Microsoft Excel updates

In FME 2014 SP2, the Microsoft Excel writer gained the ability to write images into cells.

FME Server updates


For details on FME 2014 SP1, check out this blog post. We’re projecting four service packs for FME 2014, so stay tuned for announcements on Service Pack 3. Head over to safe.com/downloads to download FME 2014 SP2, and to find the detailed What’s New lists for FME Desktop and FME Server.

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